Purpose of the Policy: To ensure customer orientation and stakeholder satisfaction in our organization.
By having leadership qualities for all our employees, to have qualified and responsible employees with our Continuous Education approach,
To work in a planned and systematic manner by prioritizing the principle of quality and efficiency, with a team spirit, by providing participation in the development of business to our customers working in the construction industry,
Taking into consideration the needs of the sector, following the advanced technology, focusing on R&D and studies,
Our approaches are to make decisions based on data, to comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System, to be focused on continuous improvement and differentiation,
To continue our product-service activities with respect to the law and the environment,
By announcing our Quality Policy, it is to ensure that all our employees adopt our goals.

Purpose of the Policy: To take the necessary measures to minimize our negative effects on the environment during all our activities.
To take measures to use energy and resources effectively and to save continuously,
To act in accordance with environmental legislation and other binding regulations,
To carry out the announcement, training and awareness raising activities necessary for the adoption and implementation of environmental awareness by all our employees.

Policy Purpose: To conduct new product research and studies, to improve existing products, to reduce costs.
To follow the technological developments,
To make competitor product comparisons continuously and inform the relevant departments,
To cooperate with institutions producing information and technology,
To follow the developments regarding raw materials continuously,
To develop cooperations with raw material suppliers.

                                                             ARTRA İnşaat Peyzaj Plastik Ltd. Şti.

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