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Wall Panels

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* Cementless.


* It is Lightweight.


* Cleans the air.


* Flame resistant.


* Thermal insulation.


* Sound insulation.


* Not affected by water


Stonbor Lightweight Wall Panels
Stonbor Calcium Silicate Wall Panels have high thermal insulation feature. It is used in the construction of exterior and interior filling walls in all building systems.
It is used as carrier outer and inner wall material in masonry structures.
It can also be used as a fire wall.
It is used as insulation block and insulation panel on the exterior of the buildings in accordance with the Thermal Insulation Regulation in many regions of the world.
It is practical to use in interior and exterior walls due to its lightweight and easy processing.
Stonbor Wall panals are class A1 fireproof. PRODUCT STANDARD TS-EN 771-4

Our wall panels are made of galvanized steel frame.
Galvanized steel size is 50 x 35-35 x 0.5 mm.


Length ( cm ) Height ( cm ) Width ( cm ) Panel weight without carrier
kg /M2
Thermal Conductivity Sound Reduction index
60 240 - 300 8 20  
60 240 - 300 10 25 0,85 W/mK 36 dB
60 240 - 300 12 30  
60 240 - 300 14 35

Stonbor Wall panels are used in the construction of exterior and interior walls. A double row of steel reinforcement is placed inside the wall panels to be used in industrial buildings. Panels are produced according to 90 kgf / m² wind load.




* It is lightweight, saving shipping and unloading costs.

* Due to its lightness, customer requirements are met quickly, on-site installation is fast.

* The product is resistant to all weather conditions and environments.

* It provides energy saving thanks to its low thermal conductivity or good insulation.

* Non-toxic, Non flammable substances were used.

* provides good sound and good thermal insulation.

* Low cost with easy to install, easy to maintain and less labor.


  Stonbor is an environmentally friendly building material that does not contain cement made from organic natural minerals.

HEAT INSULATION: It provides very good insulation thanks to the air gap cells in the structure of lightweight block or panel walls. Therefore, no additional insulation material is required. The filling concrete density of the thermal insulation panels is 200 - 300 kg / m3 and the insulation properties are good.

FIRE RESISTANCE: 150 mm thick wall is resistant to fire for about 5 hours.

SOUND INSULATION: Stonbor Wall panels have a very good sound absorption feature.

MATERIAL SAVINGS: Due to the lightness of Stonbor blocks and panels, the static loads of the buildings are reduced; Thus, a significant reduction in the amount of concrete and iron used can be achieved, both building construction and labor costs are saved.

QUICK AND EASY APPLICATION: Our lightweight Stonbor panels are easy to carry and install. Therefore, it is possible to cover large surfaces in a short time and with less labor.

EASY TO USE: It is very important that the lightweight wall panel is easy to use. assembly and disassembly can be done.

ENERGY SAVING: Light Stonbor blocks and panels keep the building warm in winter and cool in summer thanks to its good thermal insulation. reduces energy costs by 40%.

BIOLOGICAL RESISTANCE: Products made with Stonbor meterials do not rot and do not age. It is resistant to water and moisture.
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